Computer Facilities

All facets of the hardware and software environment are upgraded and expanded to enable our students to keep pace with technology. Students have ample access to a personal computer environment throughout the campus. Over 140 computer workstations are available for use including: 30 laptops in the library, 4 laptops for commuters, and eight computer labs containing 110 workstations. Wireless access is provided through most of the campus. Wireless is constantly reviewed to address the academic needs and quality of campus life for our students. In addition, there is a wireless computer teaching lab for up to 21 students in the library and a 15 student iMAC communications department lab. Each workstation has internet access, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint) and academic department software installed. All residence rooms are provided with the ability to connect to the campus network and thus the internet. Students are provided with a portal account by which they have access to an e-mail account, calendar, current semester courses, clubs and committees, their own personal headlines, and are able to receive personal and campus announcements. Also, students are able to access their current semester grades, academic record, curriculum guide, profile information, billing data, class schedule, and register for courses online. A student technology help desk is available to students, where all commuter/residential student computer problems, residential internet connections, cable television, ID card, Email, online learning, and phone issues are addressed. The helpdesk also provides assistance with several of the antivirus programs a student may use. An anti-virus program supported by Cisco ISE and the University is a requirement for all students in order to gain full network access.

Software and programming languages include SPSS, R, Java, Visual Basic, C++, C#, PHP, various Visual Studio 2012 Express products, and MySQL, SQL Server 2008 R2 Express.