Undergraduate Readmission

Students in good academic and disciplinary standing who have withdrawn from Misericordia University and wish to re-enroll must notify the Admissions office. The Admissions Office will review the application in conjunction with academic affairs, student life, student financial services, and the department chair/program director of the academic program for which the student is seeking readmission. Readmission to the university does not automatically imply readmission to the student’s former program.

Students who have been academically dismissed from a specific academic program but not from the university should consult academic department policies and procedures for specific eligibility requirements for readmission to that program.

The readmission process for students who have been academically dismissed from the University are governed by the “Academic Restart Policy,” listed under the Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures section of the catalog. In the case of disciplinary dismissal, the matter will be referred to the vice president of student affairs.

Students who have completed courses at a postsecondary institution from which the University accepts credit (see Transfer Students/Transfer of Credit Policy) are eligible to have all coursework that will apply to the academic requirements of their program considered for transfer credit. Readmitted students who have previously completed three courses under the Off Campus Course policy, or who have three or more courses applied to their academic record upon readmission are not eligible to take further coursework through off campus study after readmission.

Readmitted students will complete academic requirements as described in the “Determination of Requirements Governing Undergraduate Degree or Certificate Conferral” policy in the Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures section of the catalog.