A Misericordia University Education

Student Satisfaction

According to a recent national survey, 93% of Misericordia seniors rated their educational experience as good to excellent, while 82% said they would choose Misericordia again if they could start their college career over again. Seventy-seven percent of Misericordia seniors reported acquiring job or work-related knowledge and skills at Misercordia, compared to 70% nationally. Survey results also stated that 95% of seniors formed quality relationships with fellow students and 97% said faculty members were very available and helpful.

Undergraduate Educational Goals

In fulfillment of its mission, Misericordia University provides a learning community which prepares its baccalaureate graduates to:

  1. Reflect the values of mercy, justice, and hospitality in their actions.
  2. Contribute to their communities through service and leadership.
  3. Consider ethical issues and values and make reasoned judgments about them.
  4. Think independently and creatively, analyze information critically, and solve problems.
  5. Respect and understand cultural differences.
  6. Understand global perspectives.
  7. Communicate and interact effectively.
  8. Understand and appreciate the arts, humanities, science, and technology.
  9. Succeed in their academic disciplines.
  10. Pursue life-long learning.