Directed Study

When a student must take a specific university course in a given semester but it is not part of the offerings in that semester, the student may petition for a directed study. Students may apply for directed study only in exceptional situations. Students may not use a directed study for grade replacement. Students who wish to apply for a directed study must have at least a 2.5 GPA.

A student interested in this option must first discuss this possibility with his/her advisor, and then approach the appropriate department chairperson and college dean sponsoring the course under consideration. If the contract is approved at that level, the student will approach the appropriate faculty member to determine his/her availability. Faculty retain the right to decline a request for a directed study. Final approval of this arrangement is made by the college dean. A written contract is required between the instructor and the student. The minimum number of times that a student and instructor are to meet will be included in this contract. Copies of the contract are to be forwarded to the college dean, the student's advisor, the instructor, and the registrar. The student must register prior to the beginning of a semester for a contract learning directed study. Ideally the contract should be completed during the previous semester. Students will be expected to assume the majority of responsibility for actually writing the contract. Forms are available in the offices of the registrar, Center for Adult and Continuing Education, and online through the e-MU portal.