Army ROTC Military Science

Misericordia University offers students the opportunity to participate in Army ROTC at King’s College in nearby Wilkes-Barre through the Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) Reserve Officer Training Corps Royal Warrior Battalion. The Army ROTC Battalion continually ranks in the top 10% of all ROTC programs nationwide and was ranked tenth in the eastern United States Army ROTC region in 2010. The Battalion has recently celebrated sixty years of commissioning outstanding officers for America’s military. Students who participate in this program do so without penalty to their full-time academic status. The university awards free elective credit for participation in any ROTC course. Any Misericordia University student may participate in any ROTC basic course program for two years without cost or obligation.

The primary objective of the Reserve Officer Training Program is to develop leadership capabilities in students and to train future officers for the active Army, US Army Reserve, the Army National Guard, as well as leaders for the civilian community. The Army ROTC program can be tailored to fit any student’s schedule, particularly in the freshman and sophomore years. Military science instruction is offered at King’s College campus with two, three and four programs of study leading to a commission as an officer in one of the three components of the United States Army. To be commissioned as a second lieutenant, students must pass a physical examination and complete the two, three, or four-year program of military science courses. Students normally take one course per semester during their normal four-year course of study although there are numerous means to meet each student’s academic needs.

All students receiving ROTC scholarship benefits, as well as sophomores, juniors and seniors that are contracted with the Army, receive a monthly stipend. The stipend starts at $300 per month during their freshman year, increases to $350 during their sophomore year, $450 during their junior year and $500 during their senior year. The stipend is paid directly to the student each month that they are in school. The military science department provides all uniforms, equipment and textbooks required for the classes at no cost to the student.

In addition to academic classes, students may also participate on a voluntary basis in many additional training opportunities such as physical training and hands-on equipment training each week. Each semester there is a military social event and at least one weekend training session that includes such events as military marksmanship, cross country orienteering, military rappelling, leadership application courses and obstacle/confidence courses. During breaks and vacations students can volunteer for active army training such as military parachute operations, helicopter operations, military mountain climbing and training with active army units in the United States and overseas. There are also numerous academic internships with state and federal agencies available through Army ROTC. All training is cost free to the student and students are paid for some summer training courses.

The ROTC program consists of two primary programs, the basic course normally given during the freshman year and sophomore year consisting of MIL 211/212, MIL 221/222 and MIL 251/252. The advanced courses normally taken during the junior and senior years consists of MIL 231/232, MS 241/242, and MS 251/252. MIL 100 Physical Fitness Training is encouraged for all students participating in Army ROTC.

Students who have completed basic training in any U.S. service may qualify for placement into the advanced course. Additionally students who have not completed the ROTC basic course may qualify for the advanced course by attending a paid four week long leadership training course conducted each summer at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Freshman and sophomore students can compete for two, two and one half, and three year ROTC scholarships that pay up to full tuition and fees per year and $1200 per year for books. Special nurse, Army National Guard and Army Reserve Scholarships are also available.

The Army will commission successful graduates as a second lieutenant with a starting salary of over $38,000 per year plus medical and dental benefits, as well as 30 days paid vacation per year.

For more information on the Army ROTC program at Misericordia University, contact the Military Science Department at 570-208-5900 ext. 5305 or ext. 5301.