Center for Adult and Continuing Education

Misericordia University offers a variety of educational options for non-traditional students: those students who attend part-time, those who did not go to college right after high school and those with some prior college experience.

The Center for Adult and Continuing Education is sensitive to the alternative needs of students with families, full-time jobs, or both. Evening classes are held every semester and during the summer. Many non-traditional students find weekend, accelerated evening and online classes convenient. All of the university’s academic and student services facilities are available to students. Similarly, such students must comply with the university regulations. The adult learner can access a variety of academic and support services including individualized academic assistance; various computerized career guidance tools to help students determine vocational paths that best suit their work values, interests and abilities; periodic workshops on topics such as study skills, job search, and interview techniques; free tutoring on campus and a free online tutoring and writing assistance service, Smartthinking; and a variety of credit options outside of the classroom (see Credit Option Outside the Classroom).