English BA Degree

General Requirements

Incoming first year students seeking admission to the university as English majors must meet the general and specific admissions requirements of the university as stated in this catalog. When the student does not fully meet those requirements, a personal interview is required. Continuation as an English major requires that the student maintain a minimum 2.0 or "C" average, both in the major and in the overall grade point.

After transfer credits area applied, transfer students must complete all of the remaining English requirement as listed in this catalog.

Students in the English major must complete the following requirements; the total number of credits, including University Core Curriculum Requirements and Electives, required for graduation with the English major is 121:

Introductory Level: English majors will be required to take 9 credits (3 courses) at the introductory level. Six (6) of these 9 credits will be completed as part of each major’s fulfilling the University’s Core Curriculum; English majors should take University Writing Seminar in a discipline other than English:

  1. Select 3 from the following courses (9 credits):

    ENG 245: British Literature I

    ENG 246: British Literature II

    ENG 247: American Literature I

    ENG 248: American Literature II.

Intermediate Level: English majors will be required to take 15 credits at the Intermediate Level:

  1. ENG 310: Introduction to Literary Studies (3 credits)
  2. Pre-1800 Literature (6 credits); Select from:

    ENG 319: Early American Literature

    ENG 347: Seventeenth Century Literature

    ENG 350: Medieval & Renaissance Literature

    ENG 351: Restoration & 18th Century Literature

  3. Post-1800 Literature (6 credits); Select from:

    ENG 320: 19th-Century American Literature

    ENG 321: 20th-Century American Literature

    ENG 355: British Romanticism

    ENG 356: Victorian Literature

    ENG 353: 20th-Century British Literature

Advanced Courses: English majors will be required to take 9 credits at the Advanced Level:

  1. ENG 401: Major Author (3 credits)
  2. ENG 418: Language Studies (3 credits)
  3. Select One (1) of the following (3 credits):

    ENG 440: Advanced Literary Theory, or

    ENG 450: Thesis

Major Electives: Students must take six (6) credits in English at the 200, 300, or 400-level (including ENG 415: Selected Studies in Literature & ENG 470: Internship) in addition to courses fulfilling the requirements above.

Advanced History Courses: (6 credits): Students must take six (6) credits in History at the 200, 300, or 400-level (including HIS 320 Selected Studies in History).

In unusual situations, the English department chair may approve changes in specific course requirements. Final approval for transfer credits in English or approval of off-campus courses in English rests with the English department chair.