Business Administration Major

College of Business

Degree, Four-year Track BS, Business Administration, Five-year Track BS, Business Administration and MBA

Department Chair Corina Slaff, PhD

Students who major in business administration choose to focus on a specific area of business. The business administration major allows students to choose a minor sequence in areas such as management, accounting, marketing, financial services, operations and supply chain management or management information systems. The major requires all students to take at least 12 required courses, at least 15 credits in one of five business specialty sequences, and 24 credits in electives, one of which is recommended to be a 3 credit internship, and 9 credits of which are free electives. Majors must complete the 48-credit university core as required by all students.

The business administration major permits students to freely fashion their studies to meet their professional and personal needs. The curriculum contains sufficient flexibility to meet most needs and expectations of students, both those who intend to go on to graduate school and those who seek immediate entrance into the profession. Students in the major need to work very closely with their advisor in the selection of courses. Accounting, health care management, information technology, marketing, management, and sport managment majors cannot choose business administration as a second major, nor can a business administration major choose a second major in any of these areas.

The major permits students to take an aggressively quantitative or qualitative track or an equal balance between the “management by numbers” position and the “management through people” concept. Students are given instruction in business writing and presentation skills.