OT 602 Level II Fieldwork II, 2-7 credits

During this 12 week in-depth course students deliver Occupational Therapy services to clients through research-based interventions which are purposeful, meaningful, and occupation-based. They also gain exposure to the management and administration of occupational therapy programs. In this course students practice occupational therapy in site-specific areas of practice under the supervision of an occupational therapy fieldwork educator. This course also has a distance learning component via a Blackboard course through which an instructor assists students integrate concepts they learned in prior coursework with clinical reasoning practices and skills they are learning on fieldwork. This course may span more than one semester; if so, the student will register for OT 601A, and then register for OT 601B in the following semester, not to exceed 7 credits combined.

Prerequisites: OT 510, OT 511, OT 512