Philosophy, Pre-law

Degree BA, Philosophy

Department Chair Matthew Swanson, PhD

For information contact Brian F. Carso, JD, PhD

The pre-law specialization was developed in accordance with the Association of American Law Schools, which recommends that prospective law students have a broad liberal arts background. The program represents sound preparation for the Law School Admission Test and the graduate study of law.

The program has been carefully designed to develop ability in expression and analytical comprehension, to afford basic information about human institutions and values, and to cultivate the ability to think creatively and critically with thoroughness and independence.

Students may choose to major in English, history, philosophy, or interdisciplinary studies. Upon satisfactory completion of the major program requirements and the pre-law program requirements, the student will earn a bachelor of arts degree in English, history, philosophy, or interdisciplinary studies with a pre-law specialization.

Pre-law students must fulfill the general and specific requirements of the university and of the specific major as stated in the catalog for retention in the program and for recommendation to law school.

Pre-law students should register with the pre-law director, who can provide advice on course selection and information concerning the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and law schools can be obtained.