Addictions Counseling Minor

College of Health Sciences and Education

For information contact Susan McDonald, PhD

The addictions counseling program is designed to prepare graduates to work with addicted individuals and families addressing problems associated with chemical addictions. Substance abuse and addictions are among America’s most devastating and pervasive social ills.

This minor is designed for students seeking a degree in Social Work, Psychology, Applied Behavioral Sciences or other related professions who might be interested in completing the Addictions Counseling courses and working toward a minor in Addictions Counseling.

  • Provides an in-depth look at human behavior in the midst of many types of addiction, some chemical, some emotional, but all relating to wellness and health.
  • Upon completion of the minor, students will be awarded a certificate of completion.
  • The Addictions Counseling minor requires completion of a total of 16 credits in addictions coursework.

Note: This minor does not result in a certified addictions counselor certification.

Sequence of Required Courses

Required courses

ADC 222

Drug Pharmacology


ADC 337

Substance Abuse Treatment Methods


ADC 340A

Chemical Addictions Dependency


SWK 201

Professional Ethics


Select 2 courses

ADC 333

Substance Abuse in the Adolescent Population


ADC 335

Substance Abuse in Special Populations


ADC 339

Substance Abuse and Criminality


ADC 341

Substance Abuse and the Aged


ADC 342

Families in Addiction and Dependency


SOC 413

Cooperative Internship