Writing Minor

College of Arts and Sciences

For information contact Patrick Hamilton, PhD

The writing minor is designed to helps students become more at ease in a variety of writing situations. Students may develop strong writing skills related to their intended careers, or may focus on kinds of creative writing that are of personal/professional interest to them.

Minors in writing must complete twelve (12) credits of work beyond the Core Curriculum, based on the following distributions:

Professional Writing Track:

  1. ENG 303: Advance Expository Writing (3 credits)
  2. Writing Courses (9 credits): Select three (3) of the following:

    COM 207: Script Writing

    COM 215: Web Design

    ENG 301: Teaching Writing

    COM/ENG 325: Feature & Magazine Writing

    ENG 339: Technical Writing

    ENG 343: Writing for Media

    ENG 450: Senior Thesis (English Majors only)

    ENG 470: Internship (may be taken for 3 or 6 credits)

Creative Writing Track:

  1. Creative Writing Courses (9 credits)

    ENG 370: Craft of Poetry (3 credits; may be taken twice)

    ENG 371: Craft of Fiction (3 credits; may be taken twice)

    ENG 372: Craft of Drama (3 credits; may be taken twice)

  2. ENG 450: Thesis (3 credits; must be a creative project)