Graduate Maintenance of Matriculation/Withdrawals

Normally, students have no more than five years after the date of matriculation to complete graduate degree requirements. Once accepted into a program, students must maintain matriculation on a continuing basis as specified by the program until they have completed all requirements. Students who do not maintain continuous registration as specified by the program must notify their respective program chairs/directors/coordinators in writing of their intent to withdraw from matriculation. The letter must state the reasons for the request and the anticipated length of withdrawal from matriculation, if known.

Generally, students who are in good academic standing both in their program and institutionally at the time of withdrawal, are granted a period of up to one calendar year from the time of withdrawal to return to the institution. In extraordinary circumstances, students may request an extension of this time period by petitioning the program chair/director/coordinator who will make a recommendation and forward the petition to the vice president of academic affairs, who will make the final decision. Each request will be evaluated on an individual basis. Students should contact the program chair/director/coordinator for specific requirements for returning to an academic program.

This policy does not bind the institution to offer the student's curriculum or program, which may have been discontinued or substantially altered during the period in which the student was not enrolled.

When withdrawing from matriculation for more than one semester, graduate students must complete the following in order to withdraw without penalty:

  • return books to the library;
  • return parking permit and student ID to the Center for Adult and Continuing Education;
  • complete a withdrawal form and return it to the Center for Adult and Continuing Education.

The date of withdrawal will be determined by the completion of all of the above. That date will determine if any refund of tuition is warranted. Cancellation of charges will depend on the date that the withdrawal is official (see Refund Policy).

Students who withdraw after the last day to withdraw without academic penalty will receive a withdraw (W).