EDU 585 Special Topics, Variable credit

The graduate education program features a series of 1-, 2-, and 3-credit courses, which deal with special topics of interest to teachers. They are taught by respected and expert adjunct faculty who are leaders in their communities and/or schools. A few special topics are scheduled each semester and several are available during the summer term. Most special topics may be used as electives within the graduate education program.

Special topics courses have included:

Integrating Learning Systems

College Programs for Disabled Students

Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Religion in Public Schools

The Federal Education Agenda

Characteristics of Excellence

Sensitive Issues in Sexuality

Multicultural Education: Heritage Curriculum

Integration Curriculum

Censorship in the Arts

Multicultural Education: Literature in High School

Curriculum of the Future

Curriculum Update: State Requirements

Education in Japan

The Self-Study Process

Ethics in Education

Adaptations for Exceptional Students/Secondary

Parents’/Students’ Rights in Special Education

Preparing Students for Post- Secondary Education