HP 655 Evidence-based Neurodevelopmental Treatment & Evaluation for Children with Central Nervous System Dysfunction, 3 credits

This is a treatment course for children with neurological deficits (cerebral palsy) based on the work of Berta Bobath, MCSP, Karel Bobath, MD, Mary B. Quinton, MCSP, OBE and Elsbeth Köng, MD. Therapy skills to be developed and refined will include observation and analysis of typical and atypical child development, hands-on facilitation and stimulation of more effective movement, and inhibition of unwanted movement patterns. This will require the testing of three children at the beginning and end of an intervention period, using the Movement Assessment of Children. Other evaluation methods may also be used. The course will include distance learning, on-site sessions for learning and practice of treatment techniques, and a required commitment of a minimum of 12 hours of treatment for each of three children with neurological deficits.

Prerequisites: This course is open to licensed occupational therapists and physical therapists. In order to integrate the information that the therapist will acquire it will be necessary to have access to appropriate children for treatment. Participants will need to assess and treat three children with cerebral palsy, at least one of whom is ambulatory.