Advancement to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduate Program (For students admitted as undergraduates in Fall 2015 or later)

In order to progress into the graduate DPT Program in the spring semester of the student’s senior year, a student must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Completion of all requirements for baccalaureate degree by the end of the fall semester of the student’s senior year.
  • Completion of required pre-requisite courses with a grade of C or above for each course. (C minus is not an acceptable grade.)
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.2. Note: cumulative GPA can be below 3.2 during undergraduate study, as long as it is at least 3.2 upon finishing the undergraduate program.
  • Exposure to and exploration of physical therapy as demonstrated by documented paid or volunteer experience of 50 or more hours in at least two different facilities or a minimum of one year’s full-time professional experience within the health care system. (See "Pre-DPT Observation Hours" for more information.)
  • Medical terminology competency.
  • Pre-Academic Health Clearance Form

Additional requirements specific to the prerequisite Natural Science courses (CHM 104 General Chemistry, CHM 105 Introduction to Organic & Biochemistry, BIO 211 Anatomy & Physiology I, BIO 212 Anatomy & Physiology II, PHY 117 Introductory Physics I, and PHY 118 Introductory Physics II, or their equivalents):

  • The student may have no more than one grade of C for the prerequisite Natural Science course. (C minus is not an acceptable grade.)
  • The student may repeat no more than one prerequisite Natural Science course.
  • Any grades earned in Natural Science courses taken for transfer credit are included in the academic requirements. If the student has taken a Natural Science prerequisite course for transfer credit, the student must submit an official transcript to the Physical Therapy Department in addition to the one submitted to the Registrar by the end of November of the student’s senior year.

The student must provide documentation of the above criteria to the Physical Therapy Department by the stated due date (usually in early December of the student’s senior year.) If the Physical Therapy Department does not receive documentation of all progression criteria by the stated due date, the student will not be permitted to attend DPT classes and the student’s guarantee of progression into the graduate DPT program will be rescinded.

A pre-DPT student with a record of university disciplinary or academic integrity sanction may be denied advancement to the DPT program. A student with a record of sanction may petition the Physical Therapy faculty for consideration of advancement, but the petition does not guarantee admission. Students with a record of sanction who choose not to petition will automatically be denied advancement to the DPT program.

If a pre-DPT student fails to meet the criteria to advance into the DPT program by the scheduled beginning of spring semester of his or her senior year, the student’s space in the DPT program will not be guaranteed. The student will be required to submit a request to the Physical Therapy Department Graduate Admissions Committee for admission into the graduate DPT program. At this point, the student’s admission into the professional curriculum is on a space-available basis.

Prerequisite courses:

CHM 104

General Chemistry with lab

CHM 105

Introduction to Organic Chemistry with lab

PHY 117

Physics Introduction I with lab

PHY 118

Physics Introduction II with lab

BIO 211

Anatomy and Physiology I with lab

BIO 212

Anatomy and Physiology II with lab

PSY 123

Introduction to Psychology

SOC 101

Comparative Sociology

MTH 115


PSY 275

Child and Adolescent Psychology

PSY 290

Abnormal Psychology