DPT 857 Neuromuscular Physical Therapy I, 5 credits

This course will review neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neuropathology with expansion to neurological examination, intervention and rehabilitation. Analysis of posture and movement during the normal process of development and aging as well as in clients with neurological impairments will be emphasized. Current movement theory, postural control, and motor learning research will be applied and integrated with knowledge gained in previous coursework for clinical decision making in evaluation and selection of appropriate intervention strategies. The theoretical basis and treatment techniques for selected neuromotor techniques such as PNF, NDT and sensory integration will also be included. Laboratory sessions will emphasize the development of specific psychomotor examination and intervention skills necessary for the successful examination, evaluation and intervention of clients across the lifespan. (Lecture: 3 hours, Lab: 4 hours.)

Prerequisites: DPT 813, DPT 815, DPT 817, DPT 851, DPT 829, DPT 821.

Co-requisites: DPT 853, DPT 809, DPT 855. Spring