DPT 861 Integumentary Physical Therapy, 3 credits

This course provides the student with an opportunity to synthesize materials learned to date within the physical therapy program in the context of integumentary physical therapy. Cooperative learning, independent research, and evidence-based practice on specific topics related to Integumentary physical therapy are integral components of the class. Topics include wound healing, special tests, nutrition and oxygen for healing, modalities for wound healing, dressings, and adjunctive therapies. (Lecture: 4 hours/week for 8 weeks, Lab: 4 hours/week for 8 weeks)

Prerequisites: DPT 853, DPT 823, DPT 809, DPT 855, DPT 857, DPT 839.

Co-requisites: DPT 833, DPT 825, DPT 849. Fall