DPT 877 Clinical Education IV, 10 credits

This is a ten-week full-time clinical education experience occurring in the eighth semester of the program (Fall III). This experience may occur at the same facility on a different rotation or in a different clinical setting. In this experience the student should seek patient populations or problems with which they have limited exposure and/or lack mastery of entry-level skills. Students also should actively seek, where possible, opportunities in teaching, critical inquiry/research, administration/management, and quality assurance. Patient evaluation and intervention skills should be fine-tuned. Additional emphases should be placed upon addressing clinical decision making, goal setting/functional outcome measures, modification of intervention plans, and the role of physical therapy in a dynamic health care system. (40 hours per week for 10 weeks.)

Prerequisites: DPT 843, DPT 863, DPT 865, DPT 859, DPT 880. Fall.