NSG 302 Functional Health Patterns Psychiatric Nursing, 4 credits

This course builds upon previous knowledge and skills from nursing and the basic and social sciences and explores selected alterations in functional health patterns of clients with psychiatric-mental health problems, including health perception/health management; cognitive-perceptual; sleep-rest; self perception/self concept; role-relationship; sexuality-reproductive; value-belief; and coping/stress tolerance. Theoretical, scientific, and humanistic principles are used to achieve positive health outcomes for clients with acute and chronic mental health disorders. Emphasis is placed on psychobiology, psychiatric genetics, and psychosocial therapeutic modalities used in the nursing care of adults and children with psychiatric disorders. Students apply principles of psychopharmacology and use critical thinking skills to examine current research evidence and legal-ethical issues that influence the planning and delivery of nursing care to clients in the psychiatric setting. (2 credits lecture and 2 credits clinical)

Prerequisite/Co-requisite: NSG 201