Pediatric Elective Specialization Courses for OTD Students

Courses that may be applied to the certificate in pediatrics include: Advanced Practice Pediatric Issues and Trends (HP 600); Pediatric Evaluation (HP 605), Treatment and Evaluation of Pediatric Feeding Issues (HP 615), Sensory Integration Treatment and Evaluation (HP 625); School Based Pediatric Occupational and Physical Therapy (HP 635); Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Issues and Interventions (HP 645); Early Intervention (HP 650); Evidence-based Neurodevelopmental Treatment and Evaluation for Children with Central Nervous System Dysfunction (HP 655); Autism and Pervasive Developmental Delay: Evaluation and Intervention Strategies (HP 660); Seating in Pediatric Practice (HP 665); and Special Topics: Vision Rehabilitation (HP 610). These courses are described under the Post Professional Pediatric Certificate Program.