Developmental/Social Electives: PSY 210, PSY 224, PSY 275 OR PSY 277 (if not taken as required course), PSY 310, PSY 425, PSY 450, TED 232/PSY 342

Clinical/Counseling Electives: PSY 225, PSY 290 OR PSY 332 (if not taken as required course), PSY 315, PSY 325, PSY 450, PSY 452, PSY 455

Biological/Cognitive Electives: PSY 302, PSY 304, PSY 305, PSY 306

* Certain Special Topics courses (PSY 381) may be included in the above categories if specified by the department at the time the course is offered.

* PSY 450 can count as EITHER a Developmental/Social Elective OR a Clinical/Counseling Elective, but NOT BOTH.

*Once students have taken their required Advanced Seminar (A, B, C, or D), they can take additional Advanced Seminars as electives. PSY 480A and PSY 480C would count as Developmental/Social electives. PSY 480B would count as either a Developmental/Social Elective or a Clinical/Counseling elective; PSY 480D would count as a Clinical Counseling elective.

Minimum credits required for graduation is 120.