Government, Law and National Security Major

College of Arts and Sciences

Degree BA, Government, Law and National Security

Program Director Christopher Stevens, PhD

The program in Government, Law and National Security (GLNS) at Misericordia University is designed to prepare students to enter the expanding national security work force within both government and the private sector. Students will achieve an integrated knowledge of political science, legal studies, behavioral science, management, history, and national security studies focused on the deterrence, detection, and mitigation of domestic and international threats to public safety. The program equips graduates with a solid academic foundation for entry level career employment and mid-level career mobility opportunities in broad areas of criminal justice, public safety and security services, government and court administration, and legal services. In addition, the GLNS degree will prepare students for graduate study in law, government administration, business, and national security studies.

Program Goals and Outcomes

The following are program goals for the Government, Law, and National Security major:

  1. To provide students with an interdisciplinary background in history, political science, and related disciplines.
  2. To cultivate the ability to think, write, and speak clearly with thoroughness and independence.
  3. To foster an understanding of the complexity of human motivation and action across a diverse set of individuals, groups, communities, and organizations, by providing a critical approach to evaluating past and present events and issues of historical, legal, and/or political significance.
  4. To promote an understanding of human values and moral considerations, and of how to incorporate an ethical awareness into problem-solving strategies that reflects the values of mercy, justice, service, and hospitality.
  5. To afford students the opportunity to develop and increase their capacity for analysis and evaluation of local, national and international issues and the strategic implementation of concepts and legal and policy options for conflict and issue resolution.
  6. To familiarize students with the political, economic, legal, homeland security, and national security institutions, histories, and/or processes in the United States, foreign countries, and/or international organizations.

The Government, Law, and National Security major program goals are realized in the following student learning outcomes:

  1. Students will evaluate economic, legal, and/or political systems, institutions, issues, and policies in the United States, foreign countries and/or international organizations.
  2. Students will be able to critically assess the history, laws, methods, and policy processes and outputs of local, state, federal and non-American governmental organizations in the areas of homeland security, national security, social services, and/or the legal system.
  3. Students will be able to critically evaluate both historical and current events to identify intentions and motivations of action.
  4. Students will identify and explain the ethical, legal, and/or moral dimension of political, economic, and social issues, associated legal and policy options, and the attempts to manage or resolve issues.
  5. Students will be able to develop explanations, analyze theories of political science and public administration, and critically evaluate strategies for conflict and issue resolution.
  6. Students will be able to communicate clearly and persuasively both verbally and in writing.