NSG 460A Care of Aggregates, Communities and Populations, 2 credits

This course explores the professional community/public health nurse’s role in exploring alterations in functional health patterns of individuals, families, aggregates, communities, and populations, including alterations in self-perception, self-concept, sexuality-reproductive health, coping-stress tolerance, health perception-health management, value-belief and role relationship, and cognitive-perceptual concerns. Selected nursing theories, the nursing process, and principles of leadership and management are applied to models for health planning and population-focused practice. Basic concepts of epidemiology are presented and applied to community health problems and national initiatives, including disaster-preparedness, culturally-competent care, and the legal and ethical issues influencing the planning and delivery of care to individuals, families, aggregates, communities, and populations.

Prerequisites: RN Status; NSG 397A, 398A; Co-requisite NSG 465A