Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry, pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy Curriculum

The Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy (pre-DPT) curriculum is specifically designed for students admitted to the pre-DPT program. The Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry degree option allows pre-DPT students to complete the degree and all pre-DPT program prerequisites in 3-1/2 years.

Students in the BA Biochemistry program are required to complete at least three credits of Chemistry electives from the following list:

CHM 324: Instrumental Methods for Chemical Analysis

CHM 356: Physical Chemistry II

CHM 360: Principles and Biochemical Mechanisms of Pharmacology

CHM 363: Biochemistry Laboratory

CHM 410: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

CHM 420: Polymer Chemistry

CHM 450: Special Topics

CHM 460: Research in Chemistry (no more than three credits)

CHM 490: Chemistry Internship (no more than three credits)