Art History Minor

College of Arts and Sciences

For information contact Elisa Korb, PhD


Elisa Korb, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, BA Adelphi University; JD University of Pittsburgh School of Law; PhD University of Birmingham

Ryan Watson, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, AB Georgetown University; MA University of Chicago; PhD University of Iowa

Ryan Weber, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, BA, MA Queens College - The City University of New York; PhD University of Connecticut

This minor is designed for students interested in studying the history of art, architecture and design as an academic discipline. Required courses are selected to prepare students in the fundamentals of the discipline and to cover a range of historical periods--spanning from the prehistoric to the contemporary--as well as a variety of media.

No grade below a C- in a course required for the minor will count towards satisfying requirements. The mandatory number of credits for fulfilling a minor in this area is 18 credits, six of which may be applied from the university's Core Curriculum.

The following courses will satisfy requirements for the Art History minor, totaling 18 credits. Prerequisites are required for some courses, which may be found in their course descriptions.

Choose one of the following Core coourses to be taken as prerequisite to 300-level courses (3 credits):

FA 203

Subjects and Symbols in Art

FA 204

Beauty and Ugliness


Choose one of the following Core coourses to be taken at any time to complete Core requirements (3 credits):

FA 209

Themes in Art

FA 211

Global Contemporary Art

Required courses (6 credits total):

FA 320

Art History Survey I

FA 321

Art History Survey II

Choose two of the following courses (6 credits total):

FA 322

Art of Ancient Egypt

FA 323

Art of Classical Antiquity

FA 324

Early Christian and Medieval Art

FA 325

Northern Renaissance Art

FA 326

Italian Renaissance Art

FA 327

Baroque & Rococo Art

FA 328

19th Century Art

FA 329

Latin American Art

FA 330

American Art

FA 331

Modern Art

FA 332

History of Graphic Design

FA 333

History of 20th Century Fashion

FA 335

Special Topics in Art History

Total 18 credits