Studio Art Minor

College of Arts and Sciences

For information contact Elisa Korb, PhD


Elisa Korb, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, BA Adelphi University; JD University of Pittsburgh School of Law; PhD University of Birmingham

Ryan Watson, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, AB Georgetown University; MA University of Chicago; PhD University of Iowa

Ryan Weber, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, BA, MA Queens College - The City University of New York; PhD University of Connecticut

The Studio Art minor provides students with a concise, but clear, knowledge of visual arts as a form of communication with an enhanced understanding of formal elements and principles, creative visual problem solving and critical thinking skills, with an adept investigation of appropriate tools, materials and techniques.

No grade below a C- in a course required for the minor will count towards satisfying requirements. The mandatory number of credits for fulfilling a minor in this area is 15 credits, all of which are independent from the university's Core Curriculum. Further, no Core Curriculum classes can be substituted for any course within this minor.

The following courses will satisfy requirements for the Art History minor, totaling 15 credits. Prerequisites are required for some courses, which may be found in their course descriptions.

Choose one of the following prerequisite courses (3 credits):

FA 103

Foundations of Drawing

FA 124

Fundamentals of Painting

Choose from one of the following (3 credits):

FA 152

Ceramics I

FA 158

Sculpture I

Choose from one of the following (3 credits):

FA 133

Fine Art Photography

FA 190


Choose two of the following courses (6 credits total):

FA 342

Intermediate Painting

FA 373

Intermediate Drawing

FA 374

Anatomical Drawing

FA 380

Jewelry Design I

FA 381

Introduction to Textile Design

FA 441

Advanced Painting

FA 352

Ceramics II

FA 358

Sculpture II

FA 403

Advanced Drawing

FA 410

Jewelry Design II

FA 452

Ceramics III

Total 15 credits