FA 327 Baroque & Rococo Art, 3 credits

This course comprises three components: Southern Baroque, Northern Baroque, and Rococo, and investigates painting, sculpture, and architecture in Italy and Spain during the 17th century, stressing the theatrical, ecstatic, and virtuoso character of works produced for royalty, the Church, and the rising middle class by such masters as Caravaggio, Bernini, and Velazquez. An examination of the Golden Age of painting, sculpture, and architecture in France, England, and the Netherlands, showing how such figures as Rembrandt and Vermeer encoded meaning in works of detailed realism and contributed to the rise of new subjects in art, including still life, landscape, and portraiture. A study of painting, sculpture, and architecture produced in Western Europe prior to and during the Enlightenment, with emphasis on the luxurious, sensual art of the Rococo, the rational classicism of Palladianism.

Prerequisite: FA 203 or FA 204