Major Electives

Students complete twenty-one (21) credits chosen in consultation with the academic advisor; at least twelve (12) of the credits must be Political Science (POL) courses.

All courses are three (3) credits, unless otherwise noted:

GEO 202 Cultural World Geography

HIS 204 Suvery of Latin America: Modern

HIS 211 History of Britain

HIS 213 Modern French History

HIS 320 Selected Studies in History (may be taken a maximum of two times, for a maximum of six credits, with permission of GLNS Director)

HIS 330 Immigration and American Ethnic History

HIS 350 Post-1945 United States History

HIS 353 American Capitalism and the Global Economy

HIS 354 Culture and National Security

PHL 223 Social Ethics

PHL 270 Social and Political Philosophy

POL 211 The Trial in American Life

POL 308 The Presidency

POL 325 War in World Politics

POL 330 Urban Policy: Disadvantaged Youth

POL 332 U.S. Homeland Security Issues: Threats, Challenges, and Solutions

POL 333 U.S. National Security Issues: Threats, Challenges, and Solutions

POL 340 Russian and the Near Abroad

POL 407 Public Management and Leadership

POL 411 Constitutional Encounters