English BA, Writing Track

Writing Track

English majors have the option of selecting the writing track within the major, which emphasizes professional writing and is designed for those interested in careers in writing and related fields such as journalism, feature writing, magazine article writing, publishing, editing, technical writing, advertising, script writing for radio and television, screen writing for film, and other kinds of creative writing. It is also appropriate for students interested in teaching writing.

Note: Students on the writing track within the major cannot also receive a Writing minor.

Students in the English major’s writing track must complete the following requirements in addition to fulfilling the University Core Curriculum Requirements. The total number of credits, including University Core Curriculum Requirements and Electives, required for graduation with the English major’s writing track is 121:

Intermediate Level (12 credits)

  1. ENG 310: Introduction to Literary Studies (3 credits)
  2. Three 300-level Literature courses (9 credits); Select from the following:

    ENG 319: Early American Literature

    ENG 347: Seventeenth Century Literature

    ENG 350: Medieval & Renaissance Literature

    ENG 351: Restoration & 18th Century Literature

    ENG 320: 19th-Century American Literature

    ENG 321: 20th-Century American Literature

    ENG 355: British Romanticism

    ENG 356: Victorian Literature

    ENG 353: 20th-Century British Literature

Advanced Level (3 credits)

  1. A. ENG 401: Major Author(s)

Writing Courses (15 credits)

  1. ENG 303: Advanced Expository Writing
  2. Select four (4) courses from the following (12 credits)

    COM 207: Script Writing

    COM 215: Web Design

    ENG 301: Teaching Writing

    COM/ENG 325: Feature & Magazine Writing

    ENG 339: Technical Writing

    ENG 370: Craft of Poetry (up to 6 credits)

    ENG 343: Writing for Media

    ENG 371: Craft of Fiction (up to 6 credits)

    ENG 372: Craft of Drama (up to 6 credits)

ENG 470: Internship (6 credits)

Advanced History Course (3 credits)

A 200-, 300- (including HIS 320 Selected Studies in History), or 400-level History course