English Major, Secondary Education Certification

College of Arts and Sciences

Degree BA, English

Department Chair Patrick Hamilton, PhD

The secondary education program in English (ENG/SECED) prepares students to teach English at the junior-level and high-school level. In addition to providing the necessary knowledge base in language and literature, the program gives students the skills to identify and assist those with learning disabilities and to use technology effectively in the classroom. The program is fully approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and leads to a teaching certificate valid in Pennsylvania for grades 7 through 12, which is transferable to many other states.

Students in English/Secondary Education must complete the same requirements for the English major as outlined above, with the following exceptions:

1. As ENG/SECED students are required to take University Writing Seminar as an English course (ENG 151), within their six (6) credits of English electives, ENG/SECED students should take three (3) credits from the following menu of courses in order to maintain the current total number of credits within this specialization:

ENG 245: British Literature I

ENG 246: British Literature II

ENG 247: American Literature I

ENG 248: American Literature II

2. The English Department will offer Shakespeare under the new designation ENG 401: Major Author; ENG/SECED students will be required to take Shakespeare when offered as ENG 401: Major Author.

See Secondary Education Program in English for further information