Criminal Background Check Internal Policy

Misericordia University is a community rooted in its mission where all are welcome. The University is also committed to the safety of our community. As a result of this commitment, offenses, such as crimes of dishonesty, crimes of violence, crimes involving controlled substances, and other similar offenses that may place the University community at risk, are taken very seriously.

When an applicant for admission indicates on the admissions application that they have been convicted of, have plead guilty to, have plead no contest to, or have a pending charge or charges related to, a criminal incident (including - felony, misdemeanor and/or summary non-traffic offenses), Misericordia University will require further investigation into the applicant’s background. Such applicants will be sent an email from the Admissions Applicant Background Review Committee requesting more information related to the conviction(s) and/or pending charge(s). Additionally, the Committee may schedule a personal interview with the applicant to discuss the situation. If such an interview is to be scheduled, the applicant will be notified by the Committee via e-mail of the date, time and location of the interview. After a review of all available information, a decision on acceptance will be rendered by the Committee and conveyed to the applicant by the University Admissions Department.

If the University discovers that an applicant has failed to disclose a criminal conviction or pending criminal charge as requested in their application for admission, the University may revoke an offer of acceptance if one has been made, or may take other appropriate action consistent with its policies.