Medical and Health Humanities, Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy

College of Arts and Sciences

Degree BA, Medical and Health Humanities

Program Director Amanda M. Caleb, PhD

For information regarding the Doctor of Physical Therapy contact Susan P. Barker, PhD

The Medical and Health Humanities major compliments the Pre-Doctor of Physical Therapy program by encouraging students to think critically and analytically about the medical and health professions and practices. The flexibility of the major allows for students to complete the requirements for the BA degree in 3 1/2 years and pursue a minor if they so choose. The total number of credits required for graduation with the Medical and Health Humanities, pre-DPT is 120.

Students wishing to join the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program must apply by May 15th of the year before they wish to begin the graduate program. Students are required to maintain at least a 3.0 overall GPA and earn no lower than a C in any of their natural science classes. Admission to the Physical Therapy major is not guaranteed, and is on a space available basis. Please consult the Physical Therapy website for complete details regarding the DPT.

Pre-DPT Medical and Health Humanities BA Degree

Sequence of Required Courses (all courses three credits, unless otherwise noted)

First Year

First Semester (Total Credits 16)

ENG/HIS/RLS University Writing Seminar


CHM 104: General Chemistry (4 credits)

PHL 100: Introduction to Philosophy

MTH Bank A

Second Semester (Total Credits 16)



CHM 105: Intro to Organic Chemistry (4 credits)

PHL core

MTH 115: Statistics

Second Year

First Semester (Total Credits 16)

ENG/HIS core

FA core

BIO 211: Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits)

MHH 201: Intro to Medical & Health Humanities

Free elective

Second Semester (Total Credits 16)

PSY 123: Introduction to Psychology

MHH elective

BIO 212: Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits)

PHL 310: Medical Ethics

Free elective

Summer (Total Credits 6)

RLS Core

SOC 101: Comparative Sociology

Third Year

First Semester (Total Credits 16)

PHY 117: Introduction Physics I (4 credits)

HIS 342: History of Medicine & Health OR PHL 315: Philosophy of Medicine

MHH elective

MHH 350: Fieldwork

PSY 275: Developmental Psychology

Second Semester (Total Credits 16)

ENG 305: Literature and Medicine

MHH 301: Medical Narrative

PHY 118: Introduction Physics II (4 credits)

MHH Elective

Free elective

Summer (Total Credits 3)

FA Core

Fourth Year

First Semester (Total Credits 15-16)

MHH 401:Senior Seminar OR MHH 450: Senior Thesis

MHH elective

Medical Terminology (0-1 credit)

PSY 290: Psychopathology

Free elective

Free elective