Medical and Health Humanities Minor

College of Arts and Sciences

For information contact Amanda M. Caleb, PhD

The Medical and Health Humanities minor is designed for students who are interested in the intersection of medicine, health, and humanities, and who wish to complement their major courses. This minor is particularly useful for students majoring in any of the health sciences, social sciences, or the humanities.

Students minoring in Medical and Health Humanities must complete fifteen (15) credits courses in Medical and Health Humanities.

  • MHH 201: Introduction to Medical and Health Humanities (3 credits)
  • Two of the following (6 credits):
    • ENG 305: Literature and Medicine
    • HIS 342: History of Medicine and Health
    • PHL 310: Medical Ethics
    • PHL 315: Philosophy of Medicine
    • MHH 301: Narrative Medicine

Two Electives (6 credits), chosen from the major elective list provided in the major description. Note: Students may count these elective courses toward both their core curriculum and minor requirements.