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       HP 125 Introduction to Patient Navigation, 3 credits
       HP 135 Health Behavior Change Theories Application to Patient Navigation, 3 credits
       HP 200 Healthy Lifestyles, 3 credits
       HP 210 HIV/AIDS, 3 credits
       HP 220 American Sign Language, 3 credits
       HP 225 Advanced Care Coordination, 3 credits
       HP 235 Prevention and Chronic Disease, 3 credits
       HP 241 Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition, 3 credits
       HP 325 Patient Navigation Fieldwork, 3 credits
       HP 480 Special Topics, 3 credits
       HP 600 Advanced Practice Pediatric Issues and Trends, 3 credits
       HP 605 Pediatric Evaluation, 3 credits
       HP 610 Special Topics: Vision Rehabilitation, 3 credits
       HP 615 Treatment and Evaluation of Pediatric Feeding Issues, 3 credits
       HP 625 Sensory Integration Treatment and Evaluation, 3 credits
       HP 630 Child Development in an International Setting, 3 credits
       HP 635 School Based Pediatric OT & PT, 3 credits
       HP 645 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Issues and Interventions, 3 credits
       HP 650 Early Intervention, 3 credits
       HP 655 Evidence-based Neurodevelopmental Treatment & Evaluation for Children with Central Nervous System Dysfunction, 3 credits
       HP 660 Autism and Pervasive Developmental Delay: Evaluation and Intervention Strategies, 3 credits
       HP 665 Seating in Pediatric Practice, 3 credits
       HP 670 Grant Writing, 3 credits
       HP 680 Autism Spectrum Disorder Across the Lifespan, 3 credits
       HP 681 Basic Principles of Behavior, 3 credits
       HP 682 Medical and Health Issues Experienced in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, 3 credits
       HP 683 Program Development Designed for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, 3 credits
       HP 684 Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Socialization, 3 credits
       HP 685 Enhancing Mobility and Health Across Autism Spectrum Disorder, 3 credits
       HP 686 Feeding Issues, 3 credits
       HP 687 Sensory Integration, 3 credits
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