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       HCI 110 Introduction to Health Care Informatics, 3 credits
       HCI 120 Current Issues and Trends in Health Care Informatics Practice, 2 credits
       HCI 211 Health Informatics Standards, 3 credits
       HCI 230 Health Care Informatics Internship, 1 credit
       HCI 240 Health Informatics Research Seminar, 1 credit
       HCI 261 PACS Administration I, 3 credits
       HCI 262 PACS Administration II, 3 credits
       HCI 500 Informatics for Healthcare Leaders, 1 credit
       HCI 505 The Business of Health Informatics, 3 credits
       HCI 510 Modeling Health Information, 3 credits
       HCI 520 Healthcare Information Systems, 3 credits
       HCI 530 Healthcare Systems Analysis and Design, 3 credits
       HCI 550 Health Informatics Standards and Best Practices, 3 credits
       HCI 600 Emerging Issues in Health Informatics, 1 credit
       HCI 610 Legal, Ethical, and Public Policy Issues in Health , 3 credits
       HCI 620 Enterprise Information Governance, 3 credits
       HCI 640 Executive Health Informatics, 3 credits
       HCI 650 Health Informatics Proficiencies I, 3 credits
       HCI 655 Health Informatics Proficiencies II, 3 credits
       HCI 660 Health Informatics Thesis Research, 3 credits
       HCI 665 Health Informatics Thesis, 3 credits
       HCI 675 Health Informatics Professional Contribution, 3 credits
       HCI 690 Health Informatics Colloquium, 1 credit
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